William Scott's 1947 expressionist portrait of a boy, a bird in a birdcage and his mother.

To Paint the Portrait of a Bird

First paint a cage with an open door then paint something pretty something simple something beautiful something useful… for the bird then place the canvas against a tree in a garden in a wood or in a forest hide behind the tree without speaking without moving… Sometimes the bird comes quickly but he can just […]

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Gevalia Kaffe's TV ad man Johan in a grocery store aisle with a female shopper.

Johan from Gevalia Kaffe: hot or not?

Back in 1853, when visionary Victor Theodor of Sweden’s ever-entrepreneurial Engwall family started roasting coffee in Gävle, the capital of Gävleborg County, they didn’t have keyboards with that creepy, eyebrowed-version of the letter ä on them (it’s äctually cälled umläut ä) so, as this story goes, Vic used the unaccented, Latin spelling of the town’s […]

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Golden midwest wheat field with storm overhead

Unboring fast food

The nice people in the Modern Oats marketing department claim to have one simple goal: “To change the perception of old-fashioned oatmeal to un-boring.” Editor’s Note: Given that old-fashioned oatmeal actually IS really and truly totally boring we figured these guys might just be ex-silicon-valley venture capitalists gone all-Birkenstock and bird seed — just trying to trick us into signing on for some sexy-sounding groats. So we did […]

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Fictitious Tim Hortons Coffee Drive Thru sign in Bermuda

Canucks Invade Bermuda

If you’ve ever been to Canada you know we’re not exaggerating when we say that the entire country smells like Tim Hortons coffee (except maybe the parts that smell like polar bears.) There’s something magical about their 100% Arabica beans that makes you want to be nice to people, say you’re sorry a lot and maybe […]

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authorize.net verified merchant graphic

Shopping Securely: 2048 bits at a time

2048 Bits: If you’re a programmer you know what 2048 Bits means. If you’re not: 2048 indicates the level of a site’s security signatures (higher numbers are better) 2048 is the same level of encryption that PayPal currently uses 2048 is the average number of parts that are usually missing from an Ikea kitchen As part of authorize.net‘s […]

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