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4 Ways to get an Austrian Coffee in Bermuda

… and even if you don’t have an espresso-specific brewer, you can create great-tasting, whipped-cream topped Austrian coffee experience with any of our K-Cup blends from Lavazza, Starbucks (except maybe their Breakfast Blend) or Gevalia.

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Twilight over Austria's Grossglockner

Four Mountains and a Volcano

This week here at Brew News Bermuda we’re all about the high-level, altitude-attitude, emphasis on elevation coffees themselves so we’ve globetrotted all the way from Grossglockner in the Austrian Alps to Central and South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific to bring you this week’s fantastic feature flavours.

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Wolfgang Puck GO BOLD Realcups

The Puck Stops Here

Wolfgang Puck true or false: He’s Austrian-flavoured, like almost everything else here at Brew News this month.  At press time he was tied with Rachel Ray’s $75,000,000 net worth, or, as he’d probably rather, the fourth richest chef in the world.  Everyone says his favourite things on earth are macaroons. His favourite things are macarons.  You can learn how to make […]

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Sachertorte, fork and napkin from Hotel Sacher, Vienna, Austria

Sachertorte – Austria’s national chocolate cake

Possibly the best chocolate cake in the world! Apricot jam, three kinds of chocolate and centuries of European money — a great recipe for any story The trail of this heavenly, whipped cream-crowned creation meanders all the way back to the early 17th century through revolutions, family feuds and “torte wars.” An almost accidental creation […]

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Black and white photograph of animal artists painting at the Jardin des Plantes, Paris. From the magazine "L'Illustration", 7 August 1902.

The Panther — In Jardin des Plantes, Paris

His gaze, going past those bars, has got so misted with tiredness, it can take in nothing more. He feels as though a thousand bars existed, and no more world beyond them than before. Those supple powerful paddings, turning there in tiniest of circles, well might be the dance of forces round a centre where […]

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